6 Steps to Success

There are a number of factors with a fit out & refurbishment that need to be considered and properly accounted for. Our focus is to develop your brief, while understanding your needs and the way you work.

We address each question in turn from the outset, which will enable our team to successfully deliver your new workplace. We will consider modern trends such as post COVID trends, co-working, hot desks, bright spaces, exposed services, feature lighting, breakout areas and activity based working. Our combined aim will be to give employees a great environment in which they work to encourage increased productivity and flexibility.

1. The Client

How you and your business work is critical to the success of the project. We will work closely with your team to determine how they will interact, what each team needs and how they work together to form a plan. As employees are a company’s greatest asset, it is paramount the fit out enhances both collaboration, efficiency & productivity.

2. The Project

What matters the most to you?

We will endeavour to understand your priorities for your new office or environment. Fulfilling these will enable us to deliver a bespoke project unique to your business.

3. The Planning

Lets think ahead.

Forward thinking and detailed planning will ensure all the fixtures, finishes, equipment and furniture all dovetail upon completion.

No stone will be left un-turned from consideration of your IT needs, furniture, occupancy levels, space planning, heating, cooling, lighting to name but a few.

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We will work backwards from your finished product to ensure the space works for you.

We will also make sure all legislation is met in terms of your obligations towards building control.

During the planning stage we will also consider and advise on the requirements set out by The British Council for Offices’ (BCO) who’s mission it is to research, develop and communicate best practice in all aspects of the office sector.

4. The Budget

We work on a fixed price basis to provide you with cost certainty. We have a transparent approach in the way we work, especially when it comes to the finances.

You will be provided with a cash flow forecast which will detail the timings and amounts of interim payments. We will also provide a weekly cost report without fail. Nobody likes surprises so there won’t be any.

5. The Build

The air-conditioning, electrical installation, voice and data works, access control & security are just a few of the essential aspects in creating a commercial office fit out.

Our specialist engineers work alongside the designers to provide quality, functionality and aesthetics within the office; and make sure each part of the office is well equipped and interfaces with the rest of the building.

6. The Delivery

We deliver on time every time, to the highest quality, free of snags and fully operational. Its that simple!